The Perfect You for the Perfect Day

The Importance of a Bridal Hair Salon


Has he finally popped the question? If so, you might be already up to your neck in wedding plans. This is why it makes a lot of sense to go to the trustworthy bridal hair salon for that very day. With their help, you can march down the aisle looking like a queen. Are you still considering doing your hair and makeup on your own? Then you should consider the following things in your wedding day plans:


  1. Stress Free – You surely do not want to put additional stress on yourself on your wedding day. Insisting on doing your hair and makeup yourself would definitely do just that. A makeup artist from your preferred bridal hair salon would make you feel relaxed. It is your big day, so why not allow other people to pamper you?

  2. Perfect from Every Angle – Hiring an artist from a reputable bridal hair salon would mean that you would be perfect from every angle, whether in photographs or in person. These artists have been trained to emphasize your best features while hiding your imperfections. Do you find yourself with a huge pimple? Don’t fret! These experts can skilfully hide it without leaving your makeup looking cakey.

  3. Worth Every Penny – Considering your mounting bills, you would most likely want to skimp on some things, but this is not where you should do that. You must remember that every single penny that you pay for your hair and makeup is worth it. You would be grateful that you did not, especially after seeing the wedding pictures.


You should not hesitate to ask help from Hair by Lauren Nicole. We have been making beautiful brides in Suffern, NY perfect with the help of our makeup brushes and hair irons for a decade. Put yourself in our hands, and we will make you bloom! So what are you waiting for? Call us now at (845) 709-4353!