Say I Do to Bridal Hair Salon Services

Walking graciously down the aisle is every woman’s dream, that’s why everything should all be in place from head to toe. Having a bad hair day will ruin a woman’s “perfect wedding” and you don’t want that to happen at your own wedding. Bridal hair salon services are here to save the day! Let a professional hairstylist from Hair by Lauren Nicole transform your frizzy, untangled hair into smooth, bouncy hair. We dedicate our services to transforming brides all over Suffern, NY.

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Hairstylist

Pinterest can help you choose the best hairstyle for your wedding, but it is hard to perfect it on your own. Don’t turn an expectation into a harsh-looking reality by hiring a professional hairstylist for your wedding. Hairdressers are not only good in doing hairstyles but they know to keep it in place. They dedicate themselves to training on styling techniques that will keep your hair in place by using a sheer amount of hairspray and putting the bobby pins in the right place of your hair.

If you want a full transformation on your wedding day, adding some hair extensions is the best transformation you thought you never needed. Hair extensions are a great tool to add thickness, length, and volume to your hair. A bridal hair salon provides a professional hairdresser that specializes in putting hair extensions, making it look natural.

Why Choose Us?

We make sure that we continue to excel in our skills and expertise in the beauty industry. Our salon offers excellent hair services that are unique yet affordable that make our customers come back to us. You can rely on us because our hairstylists are fully licensed and insured. Lastly, we only use the best products in the market because taking care of your hair is our investment.

Spending a little more on your wedding day won’t hurt because a woman deserves all the pampering she needs on her big day. Hair by Lauren Nicole gives professional hair services for brides-to-be in Suffern, NY. Don’t hesitate to call us at (845) 709-4353 to book an appointment today.