Get the Most Stylish Haircut Here in Our Salon!

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Get the Most Stylish Haircut Here in Our Salon!

One important secret your hairstylist doesn’t tell you is that the key to a strong, healthy, and beautiful long hair is getting a regular haircut. According to hair experts, cutting or trimming your hair every six to eight weeks can prevent split ends. The presence of split ends can be very hard to repair once they end up on the hair shaft. So, does it really pay off to have a regular trim at your local hair salon? For women who are purposely growing out their hair, this may not be a reasonable option. However, for women who like to keep their hair short or at medium length, periodically cutting off the extra length has its advantages. So, if you are planning to cut your hair, it’s best if you visit Hair by Lauren Nicole’s beauty salon. We are the leading hair styling service provider here in Suffern, NY. Since we started this hair parlor in 2016, we have come across different clients who end up 100% satisfied with our service. So for those who had never cut their hair, let us tell you why you need the expertise of our hair stylist.

Avoid Split-Ends

Of course, the number one reason would be to avoid split-ends. This is a common concern everyone faces today. Split-ends happen when there is a breakage of the hair cuticle. That is why, as the hair grows longer, the more the cuticle weakens, which would eventually break. The only solution to this problem is having your hair regularly trimmed by our hair stylist here in our hair salon. He or she would guarantee all the split ends would be cut the same to ensure the haircut would complement your face shape.

Boost Hair Growth

The act of hair trimming will not only remove the split ends but it would also give room for new hair to grow. That would take effect when you let a professional hair stylist cut your hair. Here in our salon, we have all the hair tools and equipment necessary for a successful haircut.

Hair by Lauren Nicole is the most reliable hair salon you can come across if you are in Suffern, NY. Call us at (845) 709-4353 if you want to make an appointment.