Fed up with Your Hair Being a Brassy Color?

Hair Services Tips on How to Choose the Best Blonde Toner

Ask any professional

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and they will tell you that a quality blonde hair toner should be in the shade which matches not only your skin tone. But will work well with your hair color. A hair toner should also last a certain amount of time, a permanent one will change the color of your hair, and a semi-permanent hair one will only last a few washes before it starts to fade. For better results, you need to choose the one you can apply easily yourself.

A blonde hair toner is a product which will help remove any brassiness that is sometimes found with blonde hair. Both dyed and natural blondes can start to develop a yellow or orange tint, this is where a quality hair toner comes into play, it will help to strip this unsightly coloring and leave a brighter shade. Violet tint toners will remove most of the brassiness, in addition to adding a shine to your hair without changing the color. Shades which are lighter than your hair color will help to lift the color which will make them appear brighter. Darker shades reduce the yellow tones and will darken the color of your hair.

There are manufacturers that make both semi and permanent toners. The semi-permanent toners will gradually alter a person’s hair strands. Most brands now offer a violet tinted toning shampoo also, this will deposit small amounts of toner with every wash, which will allow the brassiness to slowly fade without any sudden or permanent side effects.

Semi-permanent toners also offer the desired color and still give a consumer the choice to correct mistakes made with coloring. A semi-permanent toner is available in a liquid or cream form. This will depend on the brand in question, and the consumer will either apply this to wet hair and rinse, or leave their hair to dry with the toner still on it.

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