Let an Expert Style Your Hair

Why You Should Rely on Hair Services When You Dye Your Hair

If you think buying a do-it-yourself hair color can help you save money, then think again. The difference between home dye and salon professional hair coloring is that professionals mix the right pigments to achieve the hair color you want. Hairstylists are trained to get more control of using an appropriate amount of developer or activator to use and to evenly distribute the chemicals into every strand of hair. Still planning to dye your hair all by yourself? Below are three reasons why you shouldn’t and instead, leave it to a hair services expert.

You Might Buy a Harmful Hair Dye

If your main goal is to get the cheapest hair dye without checking the ingredients in it chances are you are going to spend more just to revive your damaged hair. Some hair dye brands contain metallic dyes and if you desire to add bleach it can cause a huge chemical reaction and once it contacts your scalp your hair will get affected.

Not Applying the Product Correctly

Doing it all by yourself is hard whenever there are hard to reach areas that need to be colored too. The common mistake is that you are applying the color all over the head as opposed to the roots. You cannot see your whole head and getting hair services at your favorite salon will help you get the picture-ready hair you have always dreamed of.

You Decided to Bleach Your Hair

All dark hair color contains a little bit of red pigment and this shows as soon as you bleach your hair. Lightening your hair has a two-step process that involves your natural hair color and the shade you desire. Salons only hire professional hairstylists that know how to evenly distribute the chemicals into your hair.

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